FEBRUARY 21, 2010

Here ya go!

Made a little desktop wallpaper just for you, because we are pals and that's what pals do.It's located on the extras page. A happy birthday to Sean Purchase!

FEBRUARY 18, 2010

Shaun White, Shaun White, Shaun White

All anybody has been talking about lately is Shaun White, and rightfully so. The kid rips, no doubt. I don't think there is a bad thing you can say about him. I remember this interview with CNN from the last Olympics in Torino. Hilarious. "I'm Talkin' about Mountain Dews, baby."

FEBRUARY 9, 2010

The Arcade Fire Does Good

The NFL used the Arcade Fire's song Wake Up in recent commercials during the Super Bowl. The band has donated all proceeds to Partners in Health for Haiti relief. I was almost mad when I heard the song, thinking they had sold out. Upon a little research, this is certainly not the case. Congrats! Story Here.

NOVEMBER 29, 2009

Cross Country Adventure

Co-owner and staff photographer Bryan Liscinsky and Leadfeather's favorite blogger, Luke Marlow, recently went on a road trip across the United States. Here is a collection of photos from their excursion.

Also be sure to check out Bryan's other collections at www.bryanliscinsky.com.

NOVEMBER 3, 2009


It's hard to know who your friends are sometimes, but Leadfeather is here for you. You can be our friend on facebook here and leave comments and see sneak peeks of some of our new shirts.

OCTOBER 27, 2009

Favorite Skate Video Parts

What makes a good video part? Is it the tricks? The filming? The Soundtrack? I say all of the above, but all that goes out the window if it doesn't make you want to get out there and shred. Believe it or not, the skating can actually be too good (see Danny Way's mega ramp footage). It's so over the top that while being incredible and definitely progressive, doesn't necessarily make you want to grab your board and head outside. Here are a few of my favorite video parts in no particular order.

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OCTOBER 19, 2009

Have A Nice Trip? See Ya Next Fall.

I created this playlist in the summer as a soundtrack to skate to. Now I'm sharing it with you. This time, we went through the trouble of adding a music player so you can actually listen to it. Hope it serves you well through the fall.

This text will be replaced by the flash music player.


A Limited Run

We have created a limited run of logo tees, a big LF logo on black American Apparel tees. We've had positive feedback so far. If you all like them, we may make more. For now the pickins are slim.

I was recently in an American Apparel store, and realized their plain tee shirts are 17 dollars. We sell the same ones with prints for 16. Sounds like a deal to me. Get yours before we raise our prices.

AUGUST 24, 2009

With A Comeback Bigger Than Jesus

Hey Everybody! Welcome back to our site. We were gone from the internet for a while, but we're making a big comeback. Check back with us as we update and create more products for you to enjoy.

Holy Shirt!

We have completed our first run of tees. They came out pretty fresh. Printed on purple american apparel cotton shirts, available in large and extra large only. Buy them at our store.



Feel free to hit us up for stickers. We have six colors to choose from. They are available at our store. Also feel free to contact Leadfeather about any questions or comments.

You may have seen this before, since it is a fairly old video, but check it out again. It'll only take a minute.